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Archdiocese of Vancouver - Behold
Discipleship & engagement at scale.

After launching Proclaim a year before, the Archdiocese of Vancouver continued with part two of their plan: a brand made for the community.

So why build a second brand?

Proclaim provides a specific resource, mobilizing disciples to be on mission. The community brand would be a place for all people to connect with the community and God in a deeper way.

Creating a Space To Explore

This brand is meant to nurture people in their faith. We wanted to welcome people in and help normalize relationships with Jesus. The brand came to life on a digital platform, filled with content that would help nudge the user along a journey towards discovering more of God.

Building Bridges to Faithful Content

The content is more than just a good read or an interesting video, but a pathway for people to engage with ideas. The goal is to nudge them deeper towards a personal encounter with Jesus.

Learn more about building ministry journeys >>

We partnered with content creators all over North America who were already doing great things with their platform. Pulling in select content for our audience supplements weekly original articles from Behold and covers key topics like hearing God’s voice, Catholicism, and the person of Jesus.

The editorial team for Behold consists of writers from all over the diocese. Our editor worked with each writer on a monthly basis, building content that helped engage the local community and move people towards upcoming ministry opportunities.  

Encountering God & Community

Each piece of content leads to ultimately connecting with people in real life—getting involved in an Alpha or Discovery group. These studies were already being run by the Proclaim community across Vancouver. People could also get involved in local events, online workshops, Catholic counselling, Archdiocesan ministries, and more.

Launching on Pentecost

Celebrating the birth of the Church felt like the perfect time to launch what we hoped would be a new beginning for the Church in Vancouver.

We pushed social media advertising, news articles, and the audience already established on the Archdiocese social channels. Behold took over the channels of the Archdiocese and we created new channels strictly used for news and official updates.

Reaching a City During COVID

With the reality of COVID-19, Behold also gave us a chance to speak to people’s fears and questions during a global pandemic—What matters most to me? Am I living with purpose? We shared the stories of real people in our community who had discovered the answers to these questions: more of Jesus.

Seeing the Fruit of a Community Engaged

Weekly articles, newsletters, and online events were our way of reaching people and engaging them in the faith—even if we couldn’t gather in person. And it was hitting a chord with people.

Online workshops saw an exponential increase in attendees and newsletter open rates were beating the industry averages by almost 25%. Behold writers were all of a sudden starting conversation with friends outside the Church, find new opportunities to a conversation about faith through their published stories. God was stirring something in people’s hearts.

Continuing to Make Space for Community

Behold is a brand for people, which means it’s always evolving. As we continue to grow and encourage others, these are some of the things we’ve been working on together:

  • Weekly email newsletter & launch emails
  • Ongoing editorial planning and execution
  • Building an ongoing content plan
  • Managing writers
  • Editing content
  • Brand transition
  • Promotional Planning & social media posts

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