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Director of Product Marketing

Fort Langley, BC

Your role, in a nutshell

As the Director of Product Marketing at Tilma, you'll fuel product adoption, engagement, and user education for our ministry platform. You'll collaborate with various teams to execute product marketing strategies, conduct market research, and communicate the value of our offerings to our church clientele. Crucially, you'll navigate change management while fostering user empowerment through effective digital strategies and ministry philosophies.

Your role will focus on ensuring optimal value delivery to customers who are navigating the terrain of digital ministry. You'll also channel valuable market insights back to the company, aiding strategic decision-making.

A significant part of your role is establishing and leading Tilma Academy, our new initiative designed to equip and educate. You'll create diverse content to empower users, particularly under-resourced church staff, to fully unlock their ministry potential and maximize our platform.

This role is integral to our mission of enabling users to fully leverage Tilma's potential while assisting them in their journey of digital ministry transformation.

The Product

Founded in 2011, our mission is to form resilient disciples by connecting and empowering every part of the Church. We integrate digital tools, ministry partnerships, data, and strategy consulting to equip the Church to reinvigorate the faithful and foster deep spiritual community.

At the heart of Glass Canvas, we are about unlocking the ministry potential of our customers through equipping them with unified infrastructure, formation resources, and ongoing mission support. We believe in the power of unity and resilience, shaping the Church of today and tomorrow.

Unified Digital Infrastructure:

We believe the Church functions best when it is working together as one. A single infrastructure for the Church allows us to collaborate and co-innovate for a stronger, more unified mission.

Formation Resources & Accompaniment Tools:

Our accompaniment toolkit is built for human and spiritual formation in today's world so you can holistically and effectively reach and form your people.

Missional Support:

Grounded in a passion for ministry backed by years of practical experience, we want to ensure your teams are well-equipped to meet their ministry goals. Offering assistance whenever you encounter challenges and for the long-haul.

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Role Responsibilities

Strategy and Research
  • Develop and execute innovative product marketing strategies for Tilma that resonate with our target audience and align with our company vision.
  • Carry out regular market research to understand customer needs, market trends, and the competitive landscape. Provide insights to inform product and content strategies, understand the competitive landscape, and identify opportunities for growth and differentiation.
  • Engage with church and ministry staff through interviews, surveys, and conversations to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges.
  • Keep abreast of emerging digital tools and trends relevant to church ministries.
  • Collaborate with our existing team to develop a long-term strategic plan for Tilma Academy, defining key milestones, objectives, and KPIs that align with the broader vision and mission of Glass Canvas.
  • Establish partnerships with other organizations or experts in the field to broaden Tilma Academy's resource base and extend our reach.

Content Creation and Education
  • Develop, manage, and refine product messaging and positioning based on a deep understanding of Tilma's unique features, benefits, and the church ministry landscape.
  • Create educational content and training materials for church and ministry staff to improve product proficiency and help them navigate the digital ministry space.
  • Lead customer education initiatives, creating resources such as how-to guides, webinars, instructional videos, and tutorials to aid users in understanding and optimizing their product usage.
  • Spearhead the development and growth of Tilma Academy, transforming it into a comprehensive learning resource for our users, covering everything from ministry strategy to communications best-practices, and practical software use.

Collaboration and Communication
  • Collaborate closely with the product management team to drive product enhancements and ensure alignment with marketing strategies.
  • Work with the sales team to develop and deliver sales enablement assets, training, and resources from a product marketing perspective, empowering them to effectively sell and support Tilma.
  • Provide support to the sales team throughout the sales process, offering assistance in explaining product nuances and addressing detailed questions that potential customers may have, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive sales experience.
  • Proactively identify, cultivate, and secure ministry partnerships by collaborating with church leaders and influential figures across the church community, leveraging your expertise to build strategic relationships that further enhance Tilma's mission and reach within the industry.
  • Leverage communication tools such as social channels and email newsletters to disseminate information about Tilma Academy, new product features, and other updates to our users.
  • Establish and maintain regular communication channels with all relevant internal teams to ensure everyone stays informed and aligned on Tilma Academy's objectives, progress, and updates.
  • Develop a communication strategy for the roll-out of new Tilma Academy initiatives or updates, ensuring clear and timely information is disseminated to all relevant parties.
  • Develop and oversee change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions during product updates and adaptations, minimizing disruptions for the users.
  • Lead the strategic planning and execution of future potential in-person initiatives such as workshops, seminars, and a ministry conference,

Performance Tracking
  • Measure and report on the effectiveness of product marketing initiatives, making data-informed adjustments as necessary to maximize return on investment.
  • Monitor and report on product marketing KPIs, and adjust strategies as needed to ensure we're achieving our goals.

  • Proven experience in product marketing or related field, preferably in a SaaS or technology environment.
  • The ability to discern and comprehend the unique challenges, opportunities, and needs that ministries encounter within specific cultural, social, and faith contexts.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in using marketing and communication tools, including social media and email marketing platforms.
  • Proven track record in managing change and implementing new ideas.
  • Ability to translate complex technical information into user-friendly educational materials.
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to work cross-functionally with product development, sales, and other teams.
  • Ability to create clear, compelling content for a variety of platforms.
  • Experience conducting market research and using the insights to inform product strategy.
  • Excellent understanding of marketing strategies and how to apply them to product adoption.
  • Proven success in developing and managing educational content or similar initiatives.
  • Dedication to serving our users, many of whom are on a journey to improve their tech literacy, with patience and empathy.

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